Super Sound Bugs Creates a Warm World with Music!
We Make the Standard for Music Listening!
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  • Super Sound, Bugs!

    More than 1.8 million songs
    out of entire 5.8 songs are offered in
    high quality FLAC file!

  • Simple Login

    Sign up and login easily using
    email address, Facebook,

  • No. of Music Sources

    5.8 million songs in total from K-pop, pop,
    OST, hip-hop to rock, indie, children’s song,
    classic and more

  • Music4U

    Recommends the right music
    for your situation and preference
    by analyzing your taste!

  • Widget

    Able to view and play the chart
    without opening the app
    by adding the Bugs app to your Widget.

  • Support/Sync

    Supports Apple Watch and Car Play
    for the first time as domestic
    music service!


Meet with Legendary Comical, Romance and
Action Comics of Korea and Japan via Comico,
the New-concept Comics App!
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  • Reveal New Series

    Serially publishing 140 series of
    Korean and Japanese artists

  • Carefully Selected
    Popular Comics!

    Offers carefully selected Korean and
    Japanese top popular comics.

  • Carefully Chosen
    Top Genre Novels!

    Offers carefully selected Korea’s top
    popular Genre novels!


Where People Devoted in Offering the
Top-tier Ticket Reservation Service are Gathered
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  • The First Ticketing Service
    in Korea Booking for
    Various Genres

    Operates multiple channels including
    web, app, call center, offline ticket box
    and automated ticket machine for offering
    ticketing service for sports, performance,
    exhibition, hands-on events and e-sports.

  • Standardized
    Network System
    for Culture Advancement

    Established integrated network program
    and infrastructure through standardized
    on/offline ticket required for operating
    ticket box in performance site, tourism/
    leisure, stadium for the advancement of
    culture industry in Korea.

  • Offers Marketing and Customer
    Analysis with Long-accumulated

    Collects/analyzes the ticket reservation status
    utilizing analytics system and offers optimal
    marketing solution for agency and sports club.

Pink Diary

No. 1 Application for Checking Menstruation, Contraception,
Ovulation and Pregnancy!
Official Application Certified by Korean Association of Obstetricians
and Gynecologists!
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  • Auto-calculate Expected Date

    Register your menstruation
    start/end date with a simple touch
    and the app lets you know
    Expected dates.

  • Contraceptive Tracker

    Don’t miss out taking your
    contraceptive everyday with

  • Symptom and Weight Checker

    Record your everyday symptom and
    feelings and keep the right weight
    by checking the BMI!

  • Pregnancy Mode

    If you type your due day, the app lets
    you know the desired prenatal education!
    If you are preparing for pregnancy,
    track your ovulation with body temperature!

  • Pink Magazine

    Offers contents beneficial for female
    on contraceptive/menstruation/
    pregnancy/birth collected from
    medical information for free!

  • Nearby Clinic Search

    You can check the location and
    treatment info of the nearest
    OBGY and make a call directly!

  • Keep Your Records Safe

    You can save/restore your
    valuable records safely!

  • Pink Diary Mall

    Meet with the collection of ‘it’ items -
    Of the women, by the women,
    for the women!


Premium fortune-telling service for Payco members for free!
Kick off your new year with Unsudowon!
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  • Free Fortune Telling Service

    Just sign up to PAYCO
    and enjoy premium fortune telling for FREE!

  • Secret Divinatory Art of Tojeong

    Browse through your monthly
    and yearly fortune!

  • Fate

    What’s your fate and how to improve it?

  • Palm Read and Physiognomy

    Take a photo of your palm and face
    to receive instant analysis!

  • Match Made in Heaven

    Wanna know if you are a match
    made in heaven? Measure your
    compatibility with friends and
    colleagues as well.

  • Various Fortune Contents

    Meet with various life contents
    along with fortune at Unsudowon.