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NHN Entertainment Corp. started off its new journey on August 1, 2013 as it spun off the game
business division (Hangame) from NHN Corporation, Korea’s largest internet corporation.

It is currently operating Korea’s first online game portal, Hangame, and has developed and serviced 'LINE Disney Tsum Tsum,' 'LINE POP series,' 'Crusader Quest,'
'Yokai Watch Puni Puni' and 'Compass.' The company is gradually developing into full-fledged IT company by making headway into various sectors of business including
payment (PAYCO), entertainment (Bugs, Comico, Ticketlink), IT (TOAST Cloud) and advertisement (ACE).


  • 1998
  • 2013
    • 8

      Spun off from
      NHN Corporation to become
      NHN Entertainment

    • 10

      Launched webtoon service

  • 2014
    • 2

      Established game
      development affiliates
      (NHN PixelCube and so on)

    • 12

      Rolled out integrated cloud
      solution 'TOAST'

  • 2017
    • 4

      Established NHN PAYCO from
      NHN Entertainment through

    • 7

      Established digital advertising
      company 'NHN ACE Corp.'

  • 2018
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  • 1998. 11

    Incorporated Hangame Communications

  • 1999. 12

    Launched Korea's first online game portal 'Hangame'

  • 2000. 4

    Merger of Hangame-Navercom

  • 2001. 8

    Hangame kicked off online game publishing business

  • 2001. 9

    Changed corporate name to NHN Corporation

  • 2002. 10

    Listed on KOSDAQ

  • 2004. 11

    Established 'NHN Games.' game developing studio

  • 2005. 7

    Established US branch 'NHN USA'

  • 2007. 5

    NHN USA kicked off 'ijji.com,' game portal service

  • 2008. 11

    Listed on KOSPI

  • 2009. 09

    Established Hangame Japan

  • 2010. 04

    Incorporated NHN Investment, investment company

  • 2011. 1

    Established 'Orangecrew,' smartphone game developer

  • 2012. 1

    Incorporated NHN SINGAPORE PTE., LTD.

  • 2013. 8

    Spun off from NHN Corporation to become NHN Entertainment

    Moved into Play Museum, the new headquarters building in Pangyo for NHN Entertainment

    NHN Entertainment listed on KOSPI

  • 2013. 10

    Launched webtoon service 'Comico'

  • 2014. 2

    Established game development affiliates (NHN PixelCube and so on)

  • 2014. 4

    Acquired DB security solution company, 'PNP Secure Inc.'

  • 2014. 6

    Acquired ticket booking site Ticketlink (now renamed as NHN Ticketlink Corp.)

  • 2014. 7

    Acquired online shopping solution company Godo Soft Corp. (now renamed as NHN Godo Corp.)

    Established Taiwan corporate body 'NHN Taiwan Corp.'

  • 2014. 9

    Acquired Korea Cyber Payment (now renamed as NHN KCP Corp.)

  • 2014. 12

    Rolled out integrated cloud solution 'TOAST'

  • 2015. 7

    Acquired Neowiz Internet (now renamed as NHN Bugs Corp.)

  • 2015. 8

    Launched simple payment service 'PAYCO'

  • 2016. 4

    Established 'NHN Good Friends,' the first standard workplace for the disabled in Pangyo Techno Valley

  • 2017. 4

    Established NHN PAYCO from NHN Entertainment through split-off

  • 2017. 7

    Established digital advertising company 'NHN ACE Corp.'

  • 2017. 8

    Established 'NHN Vietnam Company Limited' in Vietnam

  • 2017. 12

    Acquired cloud security authentication and launched 'G-TOAST Cloud' service for public organizations

  • 2018. 03

    Established game development company 'NHN Bigfoot' (through merging NHN Studio 629 and NHN Blackpick)



NHN Entertainment

NHN Entertainment offers a wide array of services including game, webtoon, music, advertisement, commerce, fintech and cloud based on its expertise in IT operation as well as its technology and service operation skills. The CI of NHN Entertainment suggests a deeper meaning of ‘connect’ connecting the values, time, space and generation all closely interconnected surrounding the value of ‘entertainment’ as symbolized through the hyphen connecting alphabet N and another N. The representative color of the company ‘red’ symbolizes challenge, passion and fun while the 5 sub-colors are used to express liberal corporate image of another level that also reflects various entertainments and services that the company offers.
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  • Work & Life
    Work & Life

    Grow together by working smart and resting enough

  • Purple Time
    Purple Time

    Flexible system that respects each individual’s life style

  • We Family!
    We Family!

    Special day for inviting families of our employees

  • 40+ club
    40+ club

    Special health care program for employees over 40


NHN Ent. Play Museum, 16, Daewangpangyo-ro645beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do

+82-1544-6859 (ARS)